About Us



Start Date: Founded in 2012



Electrocoustic reggaeton dirges and story songs from the old land

Band Members:

Lurlene Lumpkin, Andy Hahn, Terry Poirier, Lennard Zimmerman, anyone else foolhardy enough to jump in the pouch...



Bay City


Record Label :

Geological Records


Short Description:

Smooth and always "in the pocket"...


Long Description:

Covering the likes of Dirty Heads, Sublime, Shaggy, Snow, Michael Franti, G. Love, Paul Simon, Nelly, Bob Marley, Ween, and many more, Marsupial Creampie add their own flavor to some of the tastiest reggae, throwback jams, and folk tunes out there...



Hailing from the mean streets of Bay City, MI, Marsupial Creampie are an electro-coustic act focused on covering the works of music's lesser acknowledged geniuses. Style and genre are transcended by their unique ability to ignore style and genre. Accompanied by an ever changing cadre of some of the finest musicians in the Tri-City area, MC mainstays Andy, Amelia, and Terry create soundscapes designed to cause the release of endorphins and put the listener in a state of tranquil hysteria.